We are proud to be a Partner Store for the Anna Zuckerman Luxury Designer brand. For several years we have been searching for an affordable luxury collection that meets our quality and value standards. Anna Zuckerman Luxury is a collection that inspires everyday elegance, in a weary world. 

Read on for more information about Anna Zuckerman, her incredible jewelry brand, and see why we think it’s a perfect match for us.  We will also feature several of her pieces in our Luxury Lease Program.  Now you can lease incredible pieces for special occasions….It’s time to get our sparkle on!

About Anna Zuckerman

Anna was born to a family of goldsmiths and fine jewelers. She has been in the industry for over twenty years. She became a very successful designer, and opened her own store in 1996. Her industry expertise and personal values have now aligned in the Anna Zuckerman Luxury brand.

Her Mission

Anna believes in empowering women by helping them to recognize and enhance their own beauty and worth from the inside out. She aims to create a lasting impact by popularizing the idea of red-carpet wear synergized with everyday lifestyle, so that everyone had the chance to put their confidence on display in the brightest way.

Anna Zuckerman’s Diamond Coated Crystalline Jewels

 Her jewelry mimics “the grandeur  of religious architecture, and the beauty of the Crown Jewels.” To achieve this, Anna created a high-grade Cubic Zirconia coating with a material composed of the same element as a diamond. The coating is permanent and adds a realistic diamond look to the high quality CZs.







House of Zuckerman

  • House of Zuckerman 06 – Anna Zuckerman Luxury

  • House of Zuckerman 01 Classic Bolo – Anna Zuckerman Luxury

  • House of Zuckerman 30 Classic Bolo – Anna Zuckerman Luxury

  • House of Zuckerman 29 Classic Bolo – Anna Zuckerman Luxury

  • House of Luxury A-Z Initial Pendants – Anna Zuckerman Luxury





“Extraordinary jewelry should not be reserved for royalty and the red carpet… Every woman deserves to sparkle; we are all worthy of luxury. I make incredible jewels that everyone everyone can afford. No need for long-term wish lists or saving up. Women deserve to feel confident, sexy, and beautiful now.”

– Anna Zuckerman, CEO, Supporter of Women of Tomorrow