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Custom Designs – Design in store or Virtual Design at home!

Your love and life story is unique… your ring should be too.  We are a 100% Judgement Free Zone.  What does that mean?  It means that couples are making important financial decisions like this together more and more based on a variety of factors – student loans, housing options, kids, etc.  and often set the budget together based on what makes sense for THEM. 

It means there are no rules in bridal style anymore and people are thinking outside the box more than ever.  It means you are free to choose our Premium Diamontrigue CZ, Charles & Colvard Moissanite, Lab Grown Diamonds, Mined Diamonds or Colored Gemstones as the expression of your love.

It means it’s our pleasure is to help you find the gemstone option of YOUR dreams that meets your needs –  not anyone else’s – and be here to find you the absolute best of all the options for you.

Our College Ring Collection has styles ranging from classic to wearable art, and everywhere in between. Most rings are delivered in 3-5 weeks! We are licensed to design for Texas Tech and LCU. More details on our Texas Tech Jewelry page.

In a time where you can customize everything from your phone to your sneakers, something as special as your Engagement Ring, Texas Tech or LCU College Ring  should absolutely be uniquely yours, and we have the technology to make that happen affordably.

We now offer a 100% Virtual Design Experience – we can design for you no matter where you are!
Watch the video below for more details.

The Diamontrigue Design Center (aka Royal Hummingbird Studio) was launched in October of 2015 – a dream that was 2 years in the making. This interactive Design Center allows you to make the ring of your dreams become a reality, right on the showroom floor or in a 100% Virtual experience on your computer, laptop or tablet.   Using our Countersketch Studio CAD software, you’ll sit with our owner, Susan in person or virtually and see your ring come to life in 3D. Want to see it in yellow or rose gold? With a cushion or round center? With a Sapphire or Ruby? With a matching band? It’s all possible in real-time and in beautiful, realistic detail. The future of customized jewelry design is here and we want you to experience it for yourself.

Not sure what style you love? Come in and take our interactive style quiz and we’ll show you designs that fit your style – then let the customization begin. Make your ring like no one else’s and still stay within your budget. It’s our specialty… and no one does it better.

6 Simple Steps to a Custom Designed Ring


 Call and make an appointment to use the custom design center.  In store or 100% virtual experience – it’s your choice!


  Take the design quiz to see what style fits your personality.


 Modify a suggested design, or customize your ring from scratch.


  Final approval of the ring design.


  The ring is manufactured, custom made for you.


 The ring is delivered. A ring story book is available for an additional cost.