Do you only sell Diamond simulants?

We are proud to offer the full range of options  – genuine mined diamonds, lab created diamonds, moissanite, and our premium Diamontrgue CZ.

What are the stones made from?

Diamontrigue’s diamond simulants are laboratory grown Cubic Zirconia. Our Cubic Zirconia stones are premium grade and compare to colorless grade diamonds.

Are all diamond simulants alike?

No, like genuine diamonds, simulants come in different qualities. Our stones are selected for us by GIA trained staff in San Antonio, TX  Each stone is hand-cut and hand-polished by diamond cutters and cut to “American Ideal” standards.  The stones are selected based on the same criteria which govern diamonds:  Color, Clarity, Cut and Carat.

Will the color last?

Yes.  Diamontrigues diamond simulants are chemically stable.  Extreme heat, like that of a welding torch, would be required to change the color of the stones.

Will they break?

All stones can be broken; otherwise, no stone could be faceted into the beautiful gems we all enjoy.  Stones are graded as to hardness on a scale called the Mohl Scale.  Diamonds, the hardest known stone, are a 10.  Next come ruby and sapphire at 9 followed closely by cubic zirconia at 8.5.  Our stones are hard and durable, but not indestructible.  Should you ever break a stone, we replace it at half price!

Are the mountings Gold?

Yes.  All Diamontrigue simulants are set in luxury weight diamond moutings of 14k yellow or white Gold.  10k Rose Gold and Platinum are also available, as are Tungsten, Titanium and Sterling Silver. Men’s designs are available in Gold, Sterling Silver, Tungsten, Titanium, Stainless Steel and Cobalt Chrome.

Can anyone tell?

No, not without sophisticated laboratory equipment.  Many customers have lost a genuine diamond out of a multi-stone ring and replace it with a Diamontrigue simulant – and no one can tell the difference.  And remember….”If you don’t tell, we won’t”!!!

Do you tell if someone has purchased a piece from your store?

Our customer’s privacy is paramount.  We never divulge the names of our customers; even if someone tells us they heard it from someone.  We believe that’s your business, and our business is assuring you a confidential purchase.  We only put customers on our mailing list at their request.  Of course, we love referrals from satisfied customers!

I used to shop there all the time, but I’ve moved? Now what?

That’s easy!  We still guarantee our pieces no matter where you live, and are happy to meet your needs through the US mail or Fed Ex.  We have customers who call us looking for a specific piece ie. A Journey Pendant.  We are happy to e-mail pictures of our pieces to you, and when you decide to purchase we take care of that over the phone via a 1-800 number – and of course that includes our complimentary gift wrapping!

Do you do repairs?

Yes!  We have been blessed to work with a wonderful local jewelers who do our repair and custom designs.