Delicate Scrolls Through Finger View

Delicate Scrolls…so graceful

Graceful scroll details, delicate milgrain and hidden gemstone accents set the Texas Tech Delicate Scrolls Ladies ring apart from other Vintage designs. What’s so perfect about vintage designs? They never go out of style!

Wait, what’s milgrain? In the through finger view of this ring below you can see delicate dots of Rose Gold that follow the curve of the shank. That’s called milgrain and it is one of the details you will often find on vintage designs. You’ll sometimes see it spelled Milegrain which is French for “thousand grains”. Milgrain usually follows the outline of a design highlighting the edges and giving it a more soft look versus a shiny hard edge.

Look a little closer

If you look closely, the  part that holds the signet is formed by four hearts touching at the curves.  It’s a perfect design for a group (parents and grandparents, parents and step parents) to give the Graduate. What better way to represent the support you received from your family!  Their hearts held you up while you pursued your dreams.  What better symbol than to have those hearts hold up your Texas Tech Double T signet? When hearts come together,anything is possible.

Hidden birthstone

On either side of the head below the signet,  there is a small gemstone.  Customize your ring represent a birthstone or any gemstone color that is significant to you. You can also remove the gemstone if you prefer the simplicity of the heart design.

On the narrow shank is a row of gemstones that can be customized as to the number and type of stones and can be removed to have a simple rose gold band. This ring is available in Oval or Round shapes and is pictured here in 14kt Rose and White Gold, but can be made in other gold combinations (White and Yellow, White and Rose) and in solid colors (White, Yellow or Rose Gold and Continuum Sterling Silver).

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