When we started creating Texas Tech rings, we asked our customers a few questions to get a feel for what women really wanted in a college ring; and if they had one , how often did they wear it? The number one reason among women who had a ring but didn’t wear it was because they never liked the design to start with! They told us if they had a design they liked, they would wear it 24/7. So, we set out to solve that problem!

One feature often requested was a narrower band – something that would be comfortable that they could stack other bands with – so we designed a group of rings with that in mind. Another most requested feature – Halos! We may not be angels all the time, but we want our halo….

Introducing the Texas Tech Halo with A Twist ring. This ring features a more narrow, twisted design on the shank. Like all of our Texas Tech ring designs, this ring can be customized by adding gemstones to one or both strands of the twist – see side view of a Rose Gold version for the single strand variation.

As for the halo, make it however you like! Pictured here set with alternating ruby and clear stones which can be genuine or lab created gemstones. Your ring, your choice! Come and visit our fully interactive design center where we can change the metal quality, gemstone color and other details right in front of you. Our CAD software allows us to create lifelike pictures of your new ring while you wait.

We embrace technology…and there’s just no reason to settle for an ordinary ring. It’s an investment you’ll love to wear everyday, and one you’ll never regret. Ring design is a great family project too…so bring Mom and Dad or Nana and make it a family memory.

Design Questions Answered