Introducing The Blessings ring

We feel so blessed to be licensed to create rings for Lubbock Christian as part of our collegiate ring program, so it seem fitting to us.

            A ring that speak to the heart of you.

No one’s college experience is the same, that’s for sure.   Whether you attended on campus, online, full time or part time, you deserve to celebrate your accomplishments in a meaningful, lasting way.  You put your heart into your education, and we put our heart into this ring.  Look beneath the crisp details of our LCU signet and you will see four hearts that support the gemstone halo and signet.  One of our customers commented that she received love and support from her parents and grandparents throughout college.  They were purchasing her ring for her, and loved the symbolism of the four hearts supporting the gemstone halo and LCU signet.  Made our hearts happy!

            Quality to last a lifetime…just like your education  

Your college ring should last a lifetime, just like your education!  Your education and your ring have something else in common – all our collegiate rings are made in the USA and include a lifetime warranty for manufacturing quality and half price stone replacement to back it up.  Wherever your education takes you, your warranty will go with you!

            Customizable for metal and stone qualities

Make your ring your own with your choice of metal and stone qualities.  Choose from white, yellow or rose gold, or Continuum Sterling Silver and in solid or two tones.  We’ll even give you 4 clear stone options to choose from, and all the information you need to make the right choice for you.

            Quotes that make sense

We prepare your quote specific to your ring and breakdown the cost for you. We want you to see where your money is going and have a quote that is specific to your ring size.

Design Questions Answered