Close as Cousins

This ring is the cousin of the Texas Tech Star-Lit Rope design. Not everyone wants gemstones on their ring; but they don’t want something plain either! If you’ve been on Pinterest, you know that one of the hottest trends right now is stacker rings! The Texas Tech Roper Ladies Ring makes a perfect anchor for your stack, and when it’s no longer your favorite look to stack your rings, you still have a design that will stand the test of time. This ring is also a great design to wear on an index or middle finger. Your ring, your style – wear it your own way!

Low profile, comfortable fit

This ring features a solid rope design on the band, and the Texas Tech Double T signet set in a low profile to make it comfortable to wear with gloves. Pictured here in 14kt White Gold with Rose Gold Double T, and can be done in Gold in other two tone combinations, or in solid color in White, Yellow or Rose Gold and Continuum Sterling Silver. The Continuum Sterling version is one of our most affordable rings. Continuum Sterling Silver is a Nickel-free sterling that has the strength of Gold, and the look of Platinum. It’s an excellent choice for anyone who has a metal allergy. Also, it has an anti-oxidation, anti-tarnish ingredient that makes it much more maintenance free than traditional 925 sterling silver. We have used Continuum Sterling in many of our bridal designs and it wears beautifully.

Add more rope

The Texas Tech Roper Ring can also be customized to change the number and configuration of prongs, and is available in Round or Oval signet shapes. Wish it had more than one rope band? Not to worry, we can customize this ring to make a two or three strand rope band, or change the width of the rope to make it a more bold design. There are other rope designs available too, so you can start with this basic and build on it.

Design Questions Answered