Go to Pinterest for Rose Gold!

Where is the best place to find out what rose gold vintage halo style she likes? Pinterest. One of the easiest search engines to use to find out exactly what styles are popular, and which styles she loves….a very handy tool for planning an engagement ring; but we digress….

A quick Pinterest search of College ring styles will show you that people are breaking tradition in so many creative ways. We’re proud to offer you a design center that let’s you show your style and your love for Texas Tech at the same time. You know what we also found on Pinterest? Vintage styles combined with stacked bands. So, we created this Vintage Halo ring just for you.

How do you tell it’s a vintage style?

What makes a style Vintage? Vintage inspired jewelry will have milgrain (small dots of gold that outline stones or highlight the mounting), scrolled details, and feature antique cuts of stone (rose cuts,  August Asscher cuts etc.) are just a few of the characteristics.

The Roaring 20s

Rose Gold was popular in the 1920’s. How does it get it’s color? It contains reduced Copper which brings the warm pinkish red color forward. Rose and Yellow Gold color will vary by the gold content. 10kt yellow and rose are slightly lighter than their 14kt cousins, and slightly more durable. One important consideration if you are looking at a Rose Gold ring. If you have ever worn a copper bracelet and you skin discolored, or you have been told your body chemistry is very acidic, you might have a reaction to Rose Gold. But good news! This vintage style can be made in all available metal qualities, and two tone styles like this in any gold metal quality.

Our CAD software allows you to create the vintage Texas Tech ring of your dreams. Another creative idea…using a Texas Tech ring for a promise ring. If your relationship began at Tech, we can’t think of a more poetic option.

Design Questions Answered