We love Simple

Simple Sophistication.  The name describes it’s clean lines and subtle gemstone highlights. You wouldn’t think that something so simple could be customized very much – but it can! Change the metal color, change the width of the shank, change the shape of the band profile, change the number of stones, change the color of the stones, and more… or change nothing at all.

You would be amazed at how a small change can affect the personality of a ring. But how do you choose the right one for you? First thing we’ll do it put the ring on a hand model in our CAD software and customize that to look more like your actual hand. How do we do that? By changing the skin tone, even the nail color of the hand model. Then, we’ll put the ring on the hand model and start changing the metal color to see what looks best on your hand. No matter what the style, if you have the right metal color for your skin tone, the ring will always be beautiful on your hand.

What shape is your favorite?

Next, we’ll look at what shape you prefer. This ring can be done in Oval or Round, as pictured here. Oval shapes will make shorter or wider fingers appear longer or more narrow. If you have a more petite hand, the round shape may be better for you because the round Texas Tech Double T signet is slightly smaller.

Sentimental accents

Now lets talk about gemstones. The number and type of gemstones you use can have sentimental meaning for you. We worked with someone that other day that wanted one gemstone on each side for each year it took to complete her degree; another wanted the gemstone colors for their grandmother who giving her the ring as a graduation gift. Use your sorority colors, red and black or anything that has meaning for you!

Available in two tone gold combinations, or in solid colors in Gold or Continuum Sterling Silver.

Design Questions Answered