Solid favorite

This design has been a fan favorite ever since we posted our first picture of it on Instagram. OK we admit it, the Texas Tech Solid Foundations Ring isn’t a very exciting name for such an exciting time in life…but it’s exciting because of it! Your education is the solid foundation upon which all your dreams will be built. Whether you find your destiny working for a small or large company, or set your entrepreneurial spirit free and pursue your own dreams and concepts you’re better prepared for the experiences you’ve had while in College. This ring design says confidence, strength and character and is the perfect finishing touch for your job interview style.

What’s in a name?

We named this ring Solid Foundations because it is one of our heavier ring designs. On a through finger view of this ring, you’ll see how solid it is both in it’s shank design and the construction of the halo surrounding the Texas Tech Double T signet.

In some things, the success is in the details and there are lots of details in this design. This design also features varying prong colors that match the color of the Double T. When you visit our design studio we’ll show you on our big screen how different these designs look when the prong colors highlight the signet.

This style is available in both two tone and solid color versions. Two tone designs are slightly more expensive than solid color designs, but for this design we think it makes a big difference to have the contrasting metals. Our no interest, no time limit layaway plan makes owning this beautiful ring easy.

This ring is available in Oval or Round shaped signets.

Design Questions Answered