Star light, star bright

There is so much to love about this Texas Tech Star-lit Rope design!  One customer recently commented that they liked this ring because they grew up somewhere else but came to West Texas for college.  The rope detail and stones that sparkle like the stars in our West Texas sky would always remind them of their time at Texas Tech no matter where their careers took them.  If you’ve ever spent an evening on Lake Alan Henry or Buffalo Springs, or gone to a star party at Palo Dura Canyon you know (and sing it with us) the stars at night, are big and bright…deep in the heart of Texas.  We love the thought of that, and named the ring accordingly.

Look familiar?

This design, inspired by a popular jewelry designer (rhymes with Herman) provides an updated look for a jewelry wardrobe classic – the College ring.  We added gemstone details because, if you’ve spent any time in West Texas or Texas in general, you know we LOVE sparkle whether we’re dress up or in our favorite jeans and boots!  We’ve often said sparkle is our favorite color…

Pictured here in 14kt White Gold with a Yellow Gold Double T Signet.   Other variations shown below, and there are even more customizations that can be made!  When you look at this ring on a through finger view you see the rope detail, twisted beautifully on two separate strands that become one.  We also think this makes an excellent Promise Ring if you met the love of your life at Texas Tech – the two strands representing you separate lives becoming one.  Yes, we’re that sentimental like that here.  The view from the top is delicate sparkle in your choice of lab created or genuine gemstones.

If you prefer rope details without sparkle, we have a version of this ring without the gemstones, as well as a low profile simple rope band.

Design Questions Answered