Texas Tech Bezel Beauty Ring

A new take on a bezel set design… the Texas Tech Bezel Beauty

We keep our eye on what people like, and a bezel set halo completes our Texas Tech Bezel Beauty ring.  Like many of our designs, this ring is fully customizable to suit you!

We love a good criss cross band, but you can change that too!

There are so many ways to do a criss cross band.  This ring features graceful lines of overlapping gold, but there are other bands you can choose from too.  Our fully interactive design center allows you to try multiple band on this signet and halo design, so there’s no limit to how creative you can be.

Benefits of bezel setting include a smooth profile so snagging clothes won’t be an issue.  We also think it’s a terrific blend of casual chic that will go with any outfit and any occasion.  Who couldn’t use a versatile piece like that?  Another great benefit –  this ring could be easily adapted later on into a pendant.  We think you’ll love it… especially when you put your Guns Up!

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