Texas Tech Flower Top Ring

A delicate flower with Red Raider Power – that’s what you are!  We constantly look for ways to create rings to meet every person’s budget.  You just have to get creative, and our Texas Tech Flower Top ring fits the bill.

Not your ordinary halo

The Texas Tech flower top ring features a more petal-like halo design.   You get the sparkle you want, but also the budget you need without compromising style.  You can choose from an oval or round signet, and any of our signet designs.  You can even add a little extra sparkle by adding gemstones to the band.  Another nice feature of this ring is it can sit higher or lower depending on your needs.

Can I change the style of the band?

Of course!  You can change everything about this ring.  The signet shape or type, the gemstones, the band….whatever you want.  Our state of the art design software makes everything possible including seeing the ring on a hand.  We can even adjust the skin tone to match your own so it’s even more realistic.  It’s just one more way we’re raising the bar on college ring design.  The number one reason women don’t wear their college ring anymore is because they never liked the design to start with.  We want you to wear it forever, and build it to last.

Design Questions Answered