The Grace Ring

Texas Tech Grace Ring is Perfect for Heirloom or Family Diamonds!

There is nothing more heartwarming to us than to make the Grace ring with family diamonds!  Named for a customer that did just that.  We know that creating a Texas Tech ring is one of the crowning moments in your college experience, and many families want to participate in the moment.  It’s not unusual for family members to be with our students while they create a ring.  Parents, grandparents and siblings are all welcome to come and sit with us at the design center.  Sometimes, though we wish otherwise, they can’t be here –  but we fixed that!

Virtual Design makes participating possible

We are so proud to be able to provide the capability to design with a student and their family when they lives out of town.  Our streaming link allows families to join their student via an internet connection and see the same design screen their student is seeing here in the store.  But that’s not all!  We can do the entire design experience with everyone including the student at a distance!    We’ve always said that our design studio is where Art meets Technology and the result is beautiful.  Now we can say that the family that designs together can have a lasting memory together.  Especially important for the family members that want to contribute family diamonds to the project.

Match the halo to your heirloom diamonds

One of the best things about this design is that we can adjust the halo size to the size of the heirloom diamonds.  Because the stones sizes can vary, we can create a unique halo design.  It’s the perfect way to take a solid, timeless design and make it your own.  We’re sentimental…and love that you can choose to be too.

Design Questions Answered