The Kailee Ring or the Kailee Ring Extra!

(See this style in store!)

The Kailee Ring series is named for one of our employees! Choose from the classic Kailee Ring or the Kailee Ring Extra.  Both offer a lower profile for easy wearability.  That’s important for people who wear gloves, or work with their hands or with small children.  But a practical ring doesn’t have to be boring!  We introduced a sprinkle of sparkle, and you have the ability to really make it Extra. The halo on this round Texas Tech signet can be scaled up to just the right amount of Extra for you!  Another benefit – this  halo style protects the stones and offers a smooth edge

One cool benefit

The classic Kailee Ring is set with .80mm gemstones.  We would call them pinpoint size, but you would be surprised at how they sparkle!  For people familiar with diamonds, you know that the larger they are, the more expensive they are.  We are happy to offer the genuine diamond upgrade for the same price as the Diamontrigue gemstone on the classic Kailee ring!

Step it up

Or course, you are welcome to step it up!  You can opt for larger gemstones on the halo, pictured below.  It’s amazing what just a small increase in size will do for your sparkle factor, but depending on your stone choice can be very budget-friendly!  Stone choice isn’t the only thing you can change on this ring.   Color choice including two tone design, and signet choices are also ways to make this ring reflect who you are.  We’ve also stepped it up on our part with a lifetime warranty that follows you no matter where you go.  Lots of Red Raiders live outside the area now, but we stand behind them 100%.  It’s our commitment to you for giving us the opportunity to create your ring for you.

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