Red Raider at Heart Hidden Hearts View

Red Raider at Heart

The Red Raider at Heart ring gets it’s name from four hearts under the signet.  See the additional view of the ring below.  This is a great lower profile ring for healthcare providers and school teachers – anyone who works with their hands!

It’s all about the details

We think your ring should be beautiful now matter which direction it’s viewed from.  Lots of attention is paid to intricate details during the design process, and it’s not just in the metal working!  This particular halo design features french-setting for the stones.  French-set gemstones are raised with tiny prongs . The look creates the effect of a single, continuous line of sparkle – and who doesn’t love that!  That’s because this setting technique allows the most light to enter the stones.  Most women will tell you that as long as it sparkles, we’re happy!  If your budget will do the upgrade to Moissanite for this ring, you better wear some sunglasses when you wear it!

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