The Roslyn Ring with Simple Outside Halo

Rose Gold makes the “Roselyn” Texas Tech Ladies ring something special.

The Ultimate in Customization

We agree this one’s elaborate, but why not?  It’s our vintage inspired ring collection, we can do it if we want!  The great thing about this ring is it can be customized in so many ways, and it will look like a different ring each time.  We’re not just talking about different metal qualities either, although we think it’s particularly beautiful in Rose Gold.

The perfect Rose Gold ring for budget management.

Custom rings are more expensive, but we can help you manage your budget.  This particular ring as it’s pictured has over 120 stones set in it – but it doesn’t have to!  It has an inner and an outer halo. You can make one halo with stones, one without to reduce the stone and labor cost and still have the elegant shape of the top design.  Or, you can take the stones off the shank completely, or reduce the number.  See the accent stone in the center of the shank?  You can make that your birthstone or any gemstone that you like.  That’s what you’ll love about our fully interactive design center.  We can make changes right in front of you so you can see what each version will look like.

Design Questions Answered