Scrolled Simplicity Classic

Simply Beautiful…yet customizable!

Our Scrolled Simplicity Classic ring is the more understated version of our Scrolled Simplicity Ring.  But just because it’s more understated, doesn’t mean you can’t customize it to you!  Want just a bit of sparkle?  You can add gemstones to the band or let he graceful scrolled details stand on their own.  This ring is very budget friendly, yet stylish and built to last.

Simplicity is beautiful….catch them looking…

One of the things we hear over and over from our customers is that when they show people their Texas Tech ring, admirers say “I’ve never seen one like that!”.  Exactly….that was our goal.  To create a college ring program that reflected what our students wanted.  The pictures on our website of each ring are just a snapshot of some of the variations you can have.  Can we make it in yellow gold with a white gold Double T?  Yes.  Can we make is a solid color? Yes.  Can you make it in Silver?  Yes.  Can we do a TTUHSC or Law School design?  Yes.  Can we design something completely original?  Yes!

Design Questions Answered