Texas Tech Simple Vintage Ring

(See this style in store!)

Our Texas Tech Simple Vintage Ring is perfect for little hands  Are you someone who has a size 3 or 4 finger?  We know it’s hard to find rings that fit your finger, and styles that don’t look too big.  We created the Simple Vintage ring just for you!

Petite size, but big time details!

Just because you have a small finger, doesn’t mean you don’t want big details.  We took our most popular vintage shank and added some beautiful details under the signet.   See additional views of the ring below.  The part that holds the signet or “head” is a great place to add details and personalize your ring.  This scrolled head style features two small accent stones to allow you to choose your birthstone, or any other colored stone….like some Red and/or Black!

Design Questions Answered