The Compass Ring – Perfect for times like this

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The Compass gives you direction as you chart your life’s course, and this ring does it beautifully!  Here at Diamontrigue, we know life often changes direction.  Who would have thought that we would be working from home, social distancing and praying non-stop for people around the world.   We can’t help but hope that these extraordinary times will bring out the best in all of us, and allow us to change and grow into our next best selves.

Change of plans

We know you started your college journey on campus, and likely will be finishing this year online.  If this is your Junior or Senior year, we can’t  think of a more perfect ring than this for all the positive reasons!  Nothing can stop you now, and the experiences you will have as you navigate this moment in your history will take you so much further than you can dream right now.  Talk to any elder person and they will tell you how their lives were shaped by events like these.  You’ll be stronger, more confident, and your ring will back that up.

Your choice of metal and stone quality…and more

The Compass ring can be made not only in your choice of metal and stone quality, but also with or without an extra inner halo!  Perfect for all size hands and makes a great statement ring for your middle or index finger too.  Your choice of signet too.  Oval or round, classic Texas Tech Double T, TTUHSC with Double T or caduceus..School of Law too!

What course will you take?

We love to hear about your life aspirations and now, more than ever, we want to hear your dreams.  Set your course, put on your ring and put your Guns Up.  You got this.

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