The Texas Tech Trinity Ring

You would think that a ring design with just three stones on the sides wouldn’t look special.  Let us introduce you to the Texas Tech Trinity ring!  Details abound on this great low profile ring.  You won’t sacrifice style for simplicity with this ring.  See additional through-finger view of the ring below.

A Strong Foundation

Many of the students we design for tell us that they needed a great deal of faith and prayer while they were in school.  A firm foundation in faith inspired the firm foundation for our Texas Tech signet in this design.  The signet and trinity of stones are supported by a beautiful curved structure.  It reminds us of being lifted up in faith.  Our students also tell us that their families were a great support to them.  Navigating college life and new responsibilities can be intimidating.  The small accent stones you see on the through finger view of this ring allow you to honor those people.   Choose to add their birthstone colors for these stones as a constant reminder of their love and support!

The power to endure

When we design our rings, we put lots of attention to building a ring that will stand the test of time.  We recognize that many of our Red Raiders will travel far in pursuit of their dreams, and our lifetime warranty will travel with them.  All of our rings come with a lifetime warranty for manufacturing quality and defects and half price stone replacement for as long as they own their ring.  We are happy to service our rings and keep them clean for you.  Drop by anytime and we’ll clean your ring at no charge, or mail it to us if you need anything done.  We’ll be there for you!

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