The Vintage Matador Ring

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Named by our Facebook Fans, The Vintage Matador makes a statement without the chunky feel of a classic style college ring.  This ring solves a problem with grace and style!

You want people to notice

People know Texas Tech, and in today’s competitive world this is a beautiful Guns Up statement!  There are no rules anymore as far as which finger you wear your TTU or TTUHSC ring on.  We find that people that have smaller hands still like a bold statement ring.  This ring is a larger scale and is perfect for a middle or index finger.  Show off this great ring everytime you put your Guns Up!

It’s all in the details!

Look closely at this ring and you’ll find lots of ways to customize it!  See those four gemstones on top?  You can choose to make those colored gemstones – red or black…or both!  The inner halo surrounding the TTU signet are milgrain – small beads of gold that encircle it.  Kick it up a notch and make those beads diamonds instead!  This ring can be made with an oval or round signet too.

Design Questions Answered