The Journey Through Life

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We think everyone would agree that College is a journey.  We think this Texas Tech ring we call “The Journey” is the visual representation of that part of your life. Don’t miss the side and through finger views of this design below. This Texas Tech ring is our most unusual; truly wearable art with meaning. Perfect for a family gift to the new Graduate.

Great memories

We all remember our freshman year. The excitement of going out on our own.  Our first Tech football game, moving into a dorm or finding the commuter lots. Our first trip to Raider Alley.  Tailgating, Rush season, Drop Add (ugh) and finding new friends and common ground while we wait in lines. Think of the first stone on the side of the band as you – taking your first step up the college path. Follow the stones through your college years. The easy times, the harder times – taking turns as you needed when you defined or re-defined your major.

Maybe you committed to your first social cause, or discovered who you really were and how you could impact positively the world around you. Your journey might be four years or more, stopped with your Bachelor’s degree.  Maybe you continued on to Grad School, Law School or Med School you finally reached the top. Graduation, and the celebration of your achievements, and the beginning of your new life with your Texas Tech foundation to move you forward.

This Texas Tech Journey ring is pictured in White Gold with a Rose Gold Double T. One of our more elaborate rings – but you’re here in this world to make your statement and make a difference. It’s a poetic representation of the road traveled. You’ll have many journeys in your lifetime – career, ministry, family and Texas Tech has prepared you well for all you will encounter. We think you’ll make the world a more beautiful place when your hand and this ring is in it!

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