Men’s Wedding Rings

Diamontrigue is proud to offer a wide selection of rings for Men. Lashbrook Designs create custom and award winning styles using precious and alternative metals, stones and other exotic materials that are backed up by a Lifetime Guarantee.


Meteorite & Platinum

YellowGold & Camo

RoseGold & Cerakote

WhiteGold & Sapphire

Yellow Gold & Meteorite

Yellow Gold & Damascus

Platinum & Damascus

Zirconium & RoseGold

Hardwood & RoseGold

Yellow Gold & Damascus

Carbon Fiber with Stones

FingerPrint Option

SoundWave Option

Handwritting Option

Meteorite & Cobalt Chrome

Mossy Oak & Cobalt Chrome

Polished Damascus

Damascus Basket Pattern

Hardwood & Damascus

Camo & Damascus

Natural KOA Hardwood

Natural Maple Burl Hardwood

Natural Box Elder Burl Hardwood

Natural Mexican Cocobollo Hardwood

Desert Ironwood Sleeve

Simple Band with Wooden Sleeve

Zirconium with ReadHeart Sleeve

Zirconium & Cerakote

Zirconium & Cerakote

Meteorite & Zirconium with Rose Gold

Real Tree Camo & Zirconium

Meteorite & Zirconium

Zirconium & Carbon Fiber

Zirconium & Natural Hardwood

Zirconium & Cross Satin Silver

Acid Damascus Steel

Cobalt Chrome Cross Satin Finish