Your Ring, Your Design

 Tell your Love Story with a ring that reflects the depth of your feelings and your individual romantic journey. Stay true to you and express yourself with a ring customized for your particular taste without the cost of a full custom design. Choose the color and shape of the center stones, the metal quality (white, yellow, rose gold, platinum, sterling), and whether you want a 100% Diamontrigue, or a Diamond/Diamontrigue hybrid -which can save you thousands of dollars.

The Customization Experience

We take the customization experience to a new level with our in-store ring builder. This magnetic ring builder set allows you to get a hands-on look at options. Mix and match bands with solitaire or halo design heads to create your perfect ring!  Want something uniquely yours… keep reading!

You can design your ring with our owner, Susan, with our fully interactive Custom Design Experience right on our showroom floor, or with our Virtual Design Experience right from your own home! Design your ring to fit your budget and see your ring come to life right before your eyes. We use a CAD based design program and 3D printing technology so you can see your ring in realistic images and, for a minimal fee, a scale model before you decide to move forward. When you see your ring just the way you wanted, your heart will skip a beat…


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