Your college experience is like no one else’s…

your college ring shouldn’t be either!

We were thrilled to become officially licensed for Texas Tech rings and jewelry in 2018, and we expanded our option to LCU in 2020. We are proud to offer you the option to choose from one of our ready to wear designs, or experience our completely interactive design center where you can create your perfect custom ring alongside our Owner/Designer Susan, either in person or 100% virtual.  Use our 90 day no interest, no finance fee layaway,  bring in your old gold to put towards your new ring or take advantage of our finance plans from Synchrony.

There are 3 things that make up the price of a Texas Tech  or LCU ring – the metal quality (ie silver, 10kt gold, 14kt gold) and weight of the gold or silver in the mounting (some styles are heavier than others), the number, type (lab created or genuine) and size of gemstones you choose if any, and whether it is a solid color or two tone design. All of our gemstones are hand set by skilled craftsmen and women, so designs with lots of sparkle do cost more to manufacture. Every ring bears a lifetime warranty against manufacturer defects, so you can rest assured that the investment you make in your custom ring is well protected!

Because all of our designs are highly customizable, you can choose the design just the way it is on the showroom floor, or you can make changes that suit you.  Want something completely unique?  We can create something completely original.

It’s easy…

Step 1: 

Pick the shape for the top of your ring.  For Texas Tech Double T signet tops or TTU HSC, choose oval or round; Texas Tech School of Law in oval only at this time. LCU signets are best done in round.  We now offer TTU HSC signets for all campuses: Lubbock, Abilene, Amarillo, El Paso, Dallas, Midland, and Odessa. You can also choose a gemstone top – whatever makes you happy!

Step 2: 

Pick the metal quality. We offer a variety of metal qualities for you to choose from.  We can even change the metal color on the big screen as we go so you can see your design in different metal colors and combinations.  We keep your budget in mind and help you find the metal quality that fits your lifestyle and your budget.  Metal qualities include yellow, white or rose gold, sterling or continuum sterling silver, palladium, and platinum. 

Step 3: 

Choose your style.  Do you know why  many people don’t wear their school rings anymore?  We’ve asked and they tell us they didn’t really like the style to begin with, but it was the only option available.   We’ve solved that problem with our interactive design center.

Not sure what you want? 

We make it easy to explore your options.  Take our Style Quiz!  Find out if your style is Classic, Vintage, Minimalist and more.  Or, break all the rules and do something completely unique.  All ring designing takes place right on our showroom floor so you can participate in every step of the process.  We use CAD software to make your Texas Tech or LCU ring come alive on the big screen, then use our rendering tools to show you what it will look like when it’s a live piece of jewelry.  We can even order a 3D printed sample for you for a minimal fee.

Most designs can be completed in 3-5 weeks, but we also offer ready to wear designs like some of the ones below. 

Questions? Maybe we’ve answered them: Design Questions Answered

In-Store Designs

A picture’s worth a thousand words, but sometimes even the best photography can’t capture the beauty of a sparkling stone, and you can’t see every detail of these rings in photos! Come in the store to look at these designs, compare metal colors and stones, try them on, and potentially leave with a newly designed college ring… or leave with one from the sales floor!

Texas Tech Raise the Bar Criss Cross Ladies Ring

Lubbock Christian Blessings Ring

Texas Tech Tiara Ring – New for 2021!

TTUHSC Raise the Bar Pendant

Texas Tech Scrolled Simplicity Ring

Texas Tech Kailee Ring

Texas Tech Raise The Bar Ring

Texas Tech Simple Vintage Ring

Texas Tech Compass Ring

Texas Tech Integrity Ring

Texas Tech Loyalty Ring

Texas Tech Vintage Matador Ring

Texas Tech Red Raider Forever

Texas Tech K-Scottish Ring

Texas Tech Red Raider Spirit Ladies Ring

Texas Tech Classic Elegance Ladies Ring

Texas Tech Architectural Inspiration Ring

Texas Tech Journey Ladies Ring

Other Design Options

The possibilities are (almost) endless. Any of these designs or the ones above can be completely customized to your liking. Mix and match heads and bands from any designs we offer! Any signet can be inserted into these designs… Come see it happen in-store at our design center!

Texas Tech Bezel Beauty Ring

Texas Tech Vintage Lace Ring

Texas Tech Vintage Wrapped Ring

Texas Tech Raise the Bar Pendant

Texas Tech Scrolled Simplicity Classic

Texas Tech Criss Cross Halo Ring

Texas Tech Grace Ring

Texas Tech Glory Days

Texas Tech Red Raider at Heart Ring

Texas Tech Flower Top Ring

Texas Tech Trinity Ring

Texas Tech Sun’s Up Gun’s Up

Texas Tech Wide Open Spaces Ring

Texas Tech Hearts and Flowers Ring

Texas Tech Vintage Frame Ring

Texas Tech Vintage Victory (Roselyn) Ring

Texas Tech Vintage Inspirations Ladies Ring

Texas Tech Halo with a Twist Ladies Ring

Texas Tech Rose Gold Vintage Halo Ladies Ring

Texas Tech Triple Band with Gemstones

Texas Tech Roper Ladies Ring

Texas Tech Simple Sophistication Ring

Texas Tech Delicate Scrolls Ring

Texas Tech Solid Foundations Ladies Ring

Texas Tech Star-lit Rope Ladies Ring