What is customizable about the rings?

Everything! We are proud to offer yellow, white or rose gold, and Continuum Sterling Silver as a more cost effective white gold alternative.  We also offer your choice of our Diamontrigue premium CZ, Moissanite, Lab Grown Diamonds and Mined Diamonds.  Also available with an Oval signet, and in your choice of classic Texas Tech signet design,  TTUHSC signet, Texas Tech School of Law signet, or LCU signet. See attributes of multiple rings you like? Store owner and designer, Susan DeVore, can combine those (as long as it makes sense structurally) to make your ring completely unique to you! Anything about the base design can be changed to fit your style… metal color, stone size, stone type, stone color–the list goes on!

Are there only rings to choose from?

Most of our ring designs can also be made or converted to a pendant, because we want you to have maximum versatility throughout your lifetime. Why choose between wearing your college ring and another favorite ring, when you can let us convert it to a pendant so you can wear it always!  Lifetime wear isn’t all we have to offer.  We also offer a lifetime warranty for manufacturing quality.

How will I know I like the metal color?

Our design center allows us to change the metal qualities right in front of you so you can see the best combination of colors for your skin tone. For reference, people who have more pink tones to their skin will find that rose gold will not be as noticeable.  We would recommend that person use rose gold as an accent color instead.  Our hand modeling allows us to change the skin tone on the model so it can most closely match yours.  Just another way we’re raising the bar on the custom ring experience.

How long will the ring last?

All of our rings – whether you purchase one of our customizable designs or create one that’s uniquely yours – come with a lifetime warranty.  We build our rings to stand the test of time both in timeless designs and construction.  We can create your ring in a variety of metal qualities and your choice of natural or lab created gemstones.  Make it as simple or as elaborate as you like. We know that our college students may leave Lubbock, but their warranty follows them!  No matter where you live, we’re going to stand behind your ring.

Will rose gold go out of style?

We get asked this question often…so here’s what you need to know!  The first thing is, if rose gold looks good with your skin tone, it will never go out of style for you. If you have had issues wearing a copper bracelet or ring before ie. your skin turns green or black, you have a sensitivity to copper and should only use rose gold as an accent color where it doesn’t touch your skin.  Let your skin make your decision!

How do I choose from the options? there’s so many!

We have so many options because of our grounding philosophy for our ring program.  No one’s college or life experience is the same, so your ring shouldn’t be like anyone else’s either.  Wouldn’t it be easier to just have 4 or 5 styles in our collection and call it good?  Nope.  The number one reason women don’t wear their college ring is because they never liked the design to begin with, but it was the only design available. We had to fix that.

I’ve already graduated, can I still get a ring?

Once a Red Raider, always a Red Raider!  Just because you didn’t get your college ring when you graduated, doesn’t mean you can’t do it now!   We don’t put a graduation year on the outside of our rings – we can engrave it inside.  Why you ask?  Pretty simple really and we’ll be honest… most women would prefer not to tell their age!  If you’re an Alumni–Texas Tech or LCU–that never got to enjoy the experience of wearing the symbol of your hard work, it’ not too late!  Come browse our collection or design one uniquely yours.

What if I want to design my ring, but I don’t live in Lubbock?

We got you!  We have added the ability for Virtual Design appointments.  Now you can be where you are and we can be here in the store and we can still design your ring together.  All you need is a laptop, desktop or tablet and an internet connection.  One email and BOOM you’re connected to our design center and see everything we see here in the store.  Just text the store or send us an email and we can get together!

Since you will be looking at our design center computer screen, the bigger screen you can use will give you a better virtual experience.  Just hook that laptop up to your Smart TV with an HDMI or USB and start designing with our Owner/Designer Susan. Once you approve your design, we will send your personal quote based on your ring size, metal quality and stone choices so you can decide.

All it takes to make your distance design appointment is a quick email to us, or a quick text to the store number.  We’ll set a time that fits your schedule.  Realistic renders of your design will be emailed to you.  Your personal quote will also be prepared broken down into the details – we want you to see where your money is going!  When you’re ready, we can place the order over the phone.  It’s never been easier to create the ring of your dreams!  You worked hard – you deserve it!

Can I bring someone with me?

You didn’t get through college alone, so why design your ring all by yourself?  Invite a friend or two!  Many of our students wanted to involve their parents or grandparents in the experience.  One of our favorite design sessions was with a daughter, mother and grandmother.  The grandmother was giving her granddaughter the gemstones to put in the ring.  We sat together and designed a ring that would fit the gemstones.  Before they left, her grandmother gave our designer Susan a big hug and said “that was so much fun!”  The ring was beautiful, but the hug made everything that much more special!

What if I have a metal allergy?

There are lots of people out there with metal allergies.  Know what causes it most often?  Nickel.  If you know someone who’s neck turns black or green when they wear certain necklaces, particularly costume pieces, it’s probably due to nickel.  Nickel is found in precious metal alloys like white gold, but know what it’s not found in?  Continuum Sterling Silver!  People who love a silver tone metal but can’t wear white gold have a more affordable alternative than platinum.  We also find that people prefer the brighter, whiter color of Continuum Sterling…and the price!  Another benefit – an anti-tarnish ingredient that is added to Continuum.  No more getting your hands dirty with a silver polishing cloth!

Can I mix Continuum Sterling and Gold?

Of course!  We are happy to customize your pendant or ring with a Rose or Yellow Gold Double T, LCU,  or Caduceus.  No matter how it’s constructed, you will enjoy your lifetime warranty for manufacturing quality and defects, and half price stone replacement for the life of your ring…. no matter what stone quality you choose.

What is Continuum?

Continuum Sterling Silver was developed by the metallurgists at  Stuller, and has more than 95% precious metal content. How is that different than regular sterling silver? You know how sterling silver develops a black or yellow looking color when it hasn’t been worn for a while… and how much of a pain that is to clean off?  That stuff is called Oxidation and Tarnish.

Well, the smart folks at Stuller made Continuum with an additive giving it superior oxidization and tarnish resistance allows for a longer lasting finish. For those interested in metal working, Continuum’s mechanical properties fall between those of 14K yellow gold and most other sterling silver alloys. It can easily be hardened through an annealing process, making it comparable to the as-cast hardness of 14K gold.

More easily said, it has the look of Platinum, and the strength of Gold, and if you like silver metals versus Gold this is a great, affordable option for you!  We’ve actually made several pieces of bridal jewelry in Continuum Sterling Silver, and it wears beautifully with much less maintenance than traditional sterling.  And for those who have a Nickel allergy, Continuum Sterling silver contains no Nickel.  Best of all, no more tacky feeling fingers from silver polish cloths!

Is there only one signet?

We’re proud to offer not only the classic Texas Tech University Double T signet, but also have designs for the TTUHSC and one for the Texas Tech School of Law!  We even go one step further in offering all of our signets in either a round or oval shape, with the exception of Texas Tech School of Law which is offered only in oval, and the Lubbock Christian University signet which is offered only in round. For TTUHSC we have 28 signet choices: round or oval; Double T or Caduceus; Lubbock, Midland, Odessa, Abilene, Amarillo, Dallas, or El Paso.

Diamontrigue CZ, Moissanite or Diamond?

We are proud to offer your choice of Premium Diamontrigue CZ, Moissanite or Lab-Grown and Mined Diamond.  You can also create it with colored gemstones or a blend of both.  For the clear stones, we’ll show you rings set with all three so you can make up your mind.  You have the flexibility to choose whatever meets your needs – whether it’s budget or sparkle factor.  No matter what you choose,  our half price stone warranty applies.  If you ever lose a stone, we’ll replace the stone for half price.  Your warranty follows you wherever life takes you.

Which is gemstone is the best?

Your halo, your choice!  One of the things we love about our ring collection is it’s ability to meet a variety of budgets.  When we prepare our custom quote for you, we’ll give you all three clear stone options so you can compare.  Because we can scale up  or down the size of the halo stones, sometimes the difference between the options isn’t very much… so how do you choose?  That’s our job – to show you the options, give you the facts about each, and answer any questions you have.  If you’re all about sparkle, we can’t praise Moissanite enough!  Millennial brides have discovered that Moissanite is a fabulous alternative to genuine diamonds – durable and sparkly and like diamonds, available in a variety of cuts and qualities.

I’m such a visual person – how will I know what it will look like in reality?

That’s easy – our design center technology creates realistic renders in full color, and you can even see it on a hand model!  How cool is that?

What do your rings cost?

When we do a custom design, whether it’s a bridal set or a college ring, we’re going to show you all the details.  We break your cost down into it’s parts – mounting cost, stone cost, labor cost, custom manufacturing fee, and if applicable, Texas Tech royalty fee. You can manage a budget much better when you know where to look.  Just changing from 14kt gold to 10kt or Continuum sterling can make a big difference in your cost.  We’ll help you find a design you love, and help you find the best way to make it fit your budget.

Do you offer financing?

We are proud to offer financing through Synchrony that you can apply for in the store to make it easier, with 0% interest for 6 months.  Just ask us for details.  Ordering is easy…once you approve your design and review your personal ring quote, 50% is all it takes to order.  Typical production time is 3 – 5 weeks, so even if you didn’t order early, you can still get your ring in a reasonable timeframe.  Your ring purchase also includes a lifetime warranty for manufacturing quality and defects, and half price stone replacement for the life of your ring.  It’s built to last… just like your Texas Tech education!

I found a ring I like… but can I still look around?

We know you have options when looking for your perfect expression of your college experience, and want you to look around!  We encourage you to come in and talk with us so we can tell you how we design our rings and all the specifics about the design you are interested in.  If one of our over 40 designs doesn’t  make you put your Guns Up, then we can design one for you!

What makes your rings different?

An excellent question. The entire experience is different!  All of the rings in our College ring collection can be customized, in every way from choice of metal quality to choice of gemstones to the shape and style of your signet.  When you come to our store, as soon as your feet hit our carpet you’ll know you’re in a jewelry store like no other… easy, comfortable.   Since we embrace technology, you’ll see your ring come to life on a big screen TV with changes made on the fly.  No guesswork, no carving and re-carving of waxes which means we can deliver your perfect ring in 3-5 weeks.  That’s right…3 – 5 weeks.  Not 3 to 5 months. We’re taking college ring design to the next level, and we’re taking you on the journey with us!