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We are proud to offer an extensive collection of Engagement Rings and Bridal designs for brides and grooms in 14k gold, platinum, tungsten and titanium. Many designs will accommodate any shape or size stone. Since we attend the same Market as the diamond retailers and purchase the same designs they do, we are often able to create the same or similar look.

Engagement & Wedding Rings


Visit our Design Center where you can design the ring of your dreams right on our showroom floor using custom CAD design software. Design the perfect ring for your budget and watch it come to life.

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Your college experience is like no else else’s… your college ring shouldn’t be either!

We are officially licensed for Texas Tech and LCU,  and proud to offer you the option to choose from one of our ready to wear designs, or experience our completely interactive design center where you can create your perfect ring alongside our Owner/Designer Susan.

Custom Texas Tech Jewelry

We love our rescue pets!

We have designed a very special pendant to show our love for them, and support our local rescue organizations.

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Diamontrigue of Lubbock introduces Anna Zuckerman Luxury

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Every girl should have Diamontrigue ear studs, a solitaire pendant and a sparkly bracelet.

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Lashbrook Designs create custom and award-winning styles using precious and alternative metals, stones and other exotic materials that are backed up by a Lifetime Guarantee.  View our expansive collection of men’s wedding bands.

Men's Wedding Bands

Qalo bands are functional wedding rings for the active lifestyle providing a safe, comfortable alternative to the typical wedding band.


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TI SENTO - Milano


Diamontrigue is proud to offer Ti Sento Milano jewelry.



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Each Diamontrigue store is individually owned and operated, please note that inventory varies from store to store. Inventory listed is only available at the Lubbock, TX location.

Unique Engagement Ring and College Ring Design Center

Visit the Design Center at Diamontrigue for a design experience like no other. Designing your own unique engagement ring or college ring has never been easier or more affordable.  Come take the Style quiz and find your personal style.  Most designs can be done in 3-5 weeks!


Our Diamontrigue Cubic Zirconia is the intelligent alternative to genuine diamonds. Diamontrigue diamond simulants are set in diamond-quality mountings of 14kt gold and platinum, and therefore are permanently guaranteed not to lose their internal clarity or brilliance. So identical in fire and brilliance to genuine diamonds that only a jeweler can tell the difference!

Moissanite has become the hottest new bridal trend. Charles and Colvard Forever One Moissanite is the most premium Moissanite on the market. Moissanite is naturally occurring and is found in limited quantities in the earth. Although, it is so rare that it must be created in a lab to produce large enough pieces to be cut into gemstones. When cut and faceted, Moissanite has more brilliance and “fire” than a diamond, and falls just behind it in hardness.

Lab-Grown Diamonds are genuine diamonds that are man-made, lab-created stones and have the same optical, physical, and chemical properties as mined diamonds. And, they cost 30-50% less than naturally mined diamonds!

Your Lubbock Jewelry Store for Every Occasion

Diamontrigue is your every occasion Jeweler! We provide an intelligent alternative to genuine diamonds with one of the largest collections of bridal designs for men and women available, including custom design. Need that perfect gift? Select a gift from brand names such as Anna Zuckerman Luxury, Ti Sento Milano, Phillip Gavriel and more!

Officially Licensed Texas Tech and Lubbock Christian Jewelry

We are an officially licensed jeweler for Texas Tech and LCU rings! Your college experience is unique to you, your college ring should be too!  We offer Texas Tech and LCU rings in a variety of metal qualities and styles. Design your own unique ring in our fully interactive design center. Delivery time is 3-5 weeks!

Awarded 2013 small business of the year, Lubbock Area

By the US Small Business Administration